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YES, It Really Is Magic!

We are living in a time where everyone is skin we should be! I mean let's be real, our face is the first thing people see, so naturally we want to leave a flawless impression. Well, I do! (#vain and I'm okay with it, lol)! Oh, STOP! Don't act like you wouldn't choose to have flawless skin if you could snap your fingers and make it happen!

As I, (clears throat)...mature in age, I am always seeking great products that are preventative of aging and will make my skin look amazing overall. I was given a sample of the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Night Cream and holy lamb it changed my skin! It is AMAZING!!! This cream is a somewhat thick elixir type of texture, but can be broken down to a more gel like texture with just a little bit of water. (A literal drop of water is all you need). It is technically made for dry skin, but I have oily skin and I STILL love it! I apply it as is because I actually enjoy this luxurious texture and I want my skin to soak every bit of it up while sleeping!

This cream has Vitamin C in it which helps to boost collagen production, reduce inflammation, improve skin texture, and fights free radicals. The vitamin E in this product helps to restore lost moisture in the skin AND its ANTI AGING! Two very great ingredients yes, however, my favorite ingredient in this cream is the Retinol! The Retinol addresses multiple skincare concerns for me personally; acne, reduces wrinkles/expression lines, stimulates collagen production, and promotes cellular turnover. As we age, properly addressing these inevitable changes is vital to remain looking youthful.

(Photograph has NO FILTER,NO EDITING. This is what my skin looks like without makeup!)

I hate to be the barer of bad news, but we begin aging in our mid 20's! Our collagen production begins to decline at the age of 25. In addition to that, other factors such as smoking, sugar, and UV rays (invisible rays that are part of the energy that comes from the sun) contribute to that decline. I don't know about you but I'm tryin' to be lookin' 20 at 30 and 30 at 40 and so on! With that being said, I truly saw a huge difference in my skin the moment I began using the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Night Cream. I AM NOT IN ANY PAID PARTNERSHIP with this brand. I swear by this product because IT WORKS! This amazing magic in a jar may be considered pricey at $145 per (50 ml) jar, BUT my face and skin are very important to me so I chose to invest in myself... Self Care is important ladies AND gentlemen!

*Please note: Whenever using Retinol MAKE SURE to wear sunscreen daily as Retinol makes the skin sensitive to sunlight. You should actually be using sunscreen daily whether you use Retinol or not, but if you are, please make sure to protect your skin!

I hope you enjoyed this post and learned a little something about skin! Please feel free to give feedback, love you guys!

Below is the entire Magic Cream set for only $95.95!!! It includes a mini day & night cream as well as the eye cream! STEAL!!!

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1 Comment

Zahrya Geban
Zahrya Geban
Jan 23, 2020

Yesss I can’t wait to try this cream , all those ingredients sound AMAZING

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