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What's In My Makeup Bag and WHY

I am truly a simple woman (or so I’d like to think *winks*). I enjoy and appreciate simplicity in most things and that includes what I carry in my makeup bag daily. Most of the everyday women/clients I meet carry their entire vanity with them in their purse. From their brushes, to foundation/powder, blush, bronzer, you name it. What’s even more crazy is that a lot of women believe they need to carry these items with them to touch up with throughout the day…WRONG!

My makeup bag consists of: 1 disposable sponge, a NARS translucent powder compact, and my lip liner and lipstick choice for the day. That’s it. My makeup bag is minimal because if I am constantly touching up my face with my foundation powder, blush and bronzer, I am piling more and more makeup onto my face. I would also be transferring the oil and dirt that is building up on my face throughout the day directly into my product. Ever wonder why your powder products get that gross residue smack dab on the product and you’re like “Yuck wtf is this?”. It’s your lovely transferred dirt and oils from your skin my dear!

(Deeper shade which is still TRANSLUCENT below)

NARS translucent powder is a staple in my daily makeup bag because it’s amazing! It sets my initial makeup application in the morning, it has blurring technology to smooth texture (i.e. pores and fine lines), it mattifies without making the skin look dry and it refreshes my makeup like new throughout the day by absorbing my excess oil. Most importantly, I am not adding layers of makeup to my face because this powder is TRANSLUCENT! Talk about a staple that everyone should own! Oh, and did I mention, even if your skin is dry this powder will not make the dryness look worse!This powder looks bomb on any skin type, BIBLE!

So, free up some purse space and find your staple powder and lip to carry in your daily makeup bag because THAT IS ALL YOU NEED! Easy peasy, and DONE!

And, if you need help finding those staple products and minimizing what you carry on the daily, book an appointment with me! Let‘s de clutter, organize, and revamp your makeup bag and/or space!

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1 Comment

Zahrya Geban
Zahrya Geban
Jan 16, 2020

I lovee NARS! And that little bag is so cute

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